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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pet Peeves - I

Hey, don't judge me already...I know it isn't good to whinge, but didn't someone say it's healthy to vent? Here goes.

1. Ok, this is a sidewalk. You are walking ahead of me. You are not elderly, not limping, not carrying a sack of flour...and because you're laughing and making fun conversation on the phone or with your equally happy, healthy, burden-free friend, I can see that nothing's got you down either. How about walking a little faster, or at least moving to one side so that you can make way for those of us who need to get someplace in under four hours?

2. I am on the phone. You, at present, are not. Also, you know I am on the phone, because you are seated two feet from me, and can see me as clearly as figs are figs. If it isn't an issue relating to personal, organizational, societal, national or global security, or a moral conundrum that needs immediate resolution, could you please postpone the conversation you insist on having with me, there and then, to after I'm done on the phone? Especially if it's a conversation you chose to start even though you saw me on the phone...and after you shook your head when I put the caller on hold and politely asked you if I could get back to you in five minutes if it wasn't too urgent? And if there's something you have to tell the person I'm speaking to, I'll be more than happy to pass the phone to you, you know. You only need ask, or even gesture. You don't necessarily have to ask me to "tell him this...and that...and the other as well, please...and what did he have to say about that?" The only conversation I can conduct parallel to the one I am already having with the person in front of me (or on the phone), is the one with myself in my head. I have many skills, but having simultaneous conversations with two human beings on two different issues isn't one of them.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. More later. I'll add a 'Part-I' to the heading.

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Absolute Chemystic said...

@ point 1: Dude you need to live in new york. You would wish people walked slower !
@ 2: I think its an India thing to expect multi-tasking while some one's on the phone. I have seen my grandparents go through a million arguments because of such interruptions and its super cute :D