You know the Thought Experiments. This is the back of the envelope.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Phase III

The Wallpapering

I think we rubbed the sandpaper a little too hard.

It's abrasive, remember?

What's this little dent here? And that crack in that corner? This little bit of paint peeling off? Wait...and this patch here looks like it appeared recently.

How damaged is this wall?

It's alright, really. That crack hasn't widened in five years. And we'll fill the dent in. That patch is a ten-minute job.

Let's begin wallpapering, then.

How about something philosophical for this part of wall?

Oh, alright. We'll put something Archies-like. You know, the bright, happy variety.

Something on love?
Get out of here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Background

Bluish-green handmade paper.

The surfaces need sandpapering, but they're strong, sturdy. This looks alright. Synthetic glue won't work here, though, so we'll need board pins. What's that you're saying...adhesive tape? That never works!

This feels like somebody else's a good way. And this feels like someone else's city, too. I feel like a particularly welcome guest. The unfamiliarity is delicious.