You know the Thought Experiments. This is the back of the envelope.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Introduction

It is a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. Like a gift, almost. It brought back to me all that I had lost - or thought I had lost - over the last few months. There's golden, mellow sunshine, lots of greenery, a slight drizzle. The world is happy, and so am I. A curtain's lifted somewhere. And one window has been pushed open.

For good. :)

Did I tell you the elements are my best friends?

Let's begin at the beginning, actually. You and I have known each other three years, and I haven't introduced myself formally yet. Not there, nor here. Do we need an introduction?

Let me see.

You know what, we do. I'm beginning over in so many ways. Let this be one.

So I am Crossworder. I call myself that because, as is probably obvious, crosswords are an enormous passion with me. Also because words make great playmates.

I adore the outdoors, the elements and the seasons. I love the sky and the rain. Sunshine makes me happy. Winter fog fascinates me. Nature and I are old buddies. I like my silences and space. Music is one of my biggest loves. It's playing somewhere all the time - especially in my head. I can't help hyperlinking thoughts...but I'll vouch for the great entertainment it provides...try it some day! I haven't managed the perfect stew so far, but I am especially good at desserts of all kinds. I'll pick a book over the phone any day. I am freakish about keeping things organised, but there are days when I just let it all be, just because. That's fun too...try that when you're hyperlinking thoughts. I have to explore the city after midnight one day, and explore all the hills this side of the country before I'm 27. I'm not very fond of cinnamon-flavoured gum and mint. I have a tendency to get really caught up in things that I shouldn't have touched in the first place...but because my span of attention is nothing to write home about (unless I'm doing something I  have to, or want to do - especially the latter), I reach a point where I get fed up, and then walk off. But then, what's a life where you're following the rulebook all the time? Up to a certain point in my early twenties, I thought I was a career-centred woman. Now, I've figured out that I am just life-and-happiness-centric. And since the center of my existence keeps morphing into one thing and then another, I'm on a constant trip of discovery. Does it get exhausting? Sure it does, but since I never was one for staying put, it suits me fine. Mushy love stories make me sentimental when I'm watching or listening to them, and then make me roll my eyes the next morning. Oh, it’s not like I don’t believe in love...I’m probably the biggest romantic this side of the Equator…but I’ll pass on the mush and the endless loop of “Should I, shouldn’t I?”, thank you very much. Patience is not one of my stronger points (why do you think I’ve never managed the perfect stew?). I know the lyrics of all the songs and jingles I’ve ever heard more than twice…and it’s effortless. It surprises me. I’m good with birthdays too…but I am terrible with names. Terrible. Floral fragrances give me a headache, and citrus smells make me happy. I’m so clumsy I’d make a sloth bear look like a ballerina…but I am actually very good with a knife and a chopping board – I can dice three apples in under two minutes, just like that. Don’t be surprised if you see me walking down the road, grinning to myself – often, stuff that I may have heard weeks ago suddenly decides to come back to me without invitation, and I can’t help laughing again then. If you starve me of company, I’ll deal with it…but not having as much solitude as I need will drive me mad. I am an inherent traveler and student…literally and metaphorically. I’m too impulsive for my own good. I also like to think I'm more complicated and profound a person than I really am. Every now and then, I get a reality check...and grin some more. Show me a math book and I’ll run a mile…show me conceited idiots and I’ll run two (who wouldn’t?). I have a tendency to go underground every now and then, much to my friends’ annoyance…but I’d do anything for the people I love. I still haven’t been able to choose between literature and economics when it comes to identifying the biggest love of my life. Then again, I think, why choose? I’m very lucky in a million ways. I've recently moved into a place of my own, in a city I'm a complete stranger to, for a job I'm still iffy about. It's got its rough points, but I'm excited about all of it...and I love the sense of space and discovery. I think life’s one big adventure…and at the end of the day, no matter what, it’s never that bad, really.

Whew. That’s about me. What about you?